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February 6, 2012
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I was walking around the woods at nighttime. I had no idea what I was doing there, but I seemed to have been looking for someone. 'Where am I? What am I doing?' A shadow rushed by in my peripheral vision. I saw another person running around. 'Who is that?' I ran towards the shadow, but it disappeared. I got very confused and starting looking around. I guess that wasn't a smart thing to do since I was in complete darkness. Suddenly, a glowing red eye emerged from the darkness. I didn't see another eye, so the other eye must have been covered up.
I immediately sat up from my bed. 'What a strange dream.' I got out of my bed and placed my feet on the ground. I looked around, expecting to see my crystal blue walls, but all I saw was a blank gray wall. 'This is not my room.' The room was dark and there was only a bed and a dresser for clothes. I opened the door but fell backwards onto the ground as I saw an orange mask in front of my face. "Hi, sorry for scaring you." His voice sounded childish. He stood with his hands behind his back and on his tiptoes, like a child hiding a secret. I cleared my throat and stood up. "Where am I?" "You are in the Akatsuki. I am Tobi!"
Tobi seemed hyperactive and goofy. I slowly raised my hand and put it out. "Nice to meet you. Why am I here?" "Leader-sama told Deidara-senpai to get you so you can join."
I looked at him questioningly. He yanked me by my arm to a destination that only he knew. "Tobi, what are you doing?" "You have to meet the rest of the Akatsuki since you are a member!"
A blonde headed man immediately stopped Tobi. "Tobi, we told you to stop running around like an idiot, un!" "Tobi is not an idiot! Tobi is a good boy!" I was so confused. The blonde man looked at me and put his hands on his hips. His face was screaming utter boredom. "So, she woke up, un?" "Yep! Tobi watched over her." "Well, just keep an eye on her okay, un." "Yes sir!" Tobi did a salute and walked off with me again. "Oh, Tobi just remembered that everyone else is off on missions so you can meet them when they come back." I stopped walking as he halted along with me. "I never really said that I was going to join." His grip tightened on my arm considerably. The air around him seemed to chill a bit. "Please join ____-chan, please."
He turned around to look at me. I could not see his face but I could tell he did not look happy. It was like being around a small child that would have a tantrum if you told him no. My willpower was almost non-existent. "O-Okay, I will join..."
"YAY!!! I have a new friend!!" He jumped into the air and started running around happily. I looked at him acting goofy and could not help but snicker a little. My heart even warmed up at the sight of him being so happy. 'He is so funny.'
-A Few Months Later-
It was a cold night and I was sitting outside, staring off into the stars. The stars were shining so brightly, that it rivaled the brightness of the full moon. 'It is so beautiful tonight.' I started hearing rustling in the bushes. "Hello, anyone there?" A shadowed figure appeared from the bushes and started to run. "Wait!" I followed the figure into the woods, but the figure was fast. I finally lost sight of it, but I continued running. 'What was that?' My foot got caught on a vine, making me trip. I waited for the cold, hard ground, but nothing happened. Instead, I felt something soft beneath my hands. I opened my eyes to see a black cloak with a red cloud.
'An Akatsuki cloak?' I looked up to see Tobi looking down at me. I wanted to move, but he was so comfortable, that my body refused to move. I laughed nervously. "S-Sorry Tobi." I started to blush as I rubbed the back of my head. "That is okay, you need to be more careful." His voice was serious and calm. It sent shivers down my spine. 'That is not like the Tobi that I know.' I looked him in his one visible eye. "Tobi are you okay?" "Yes, I am perfectly fine." He lifted his gloved hand up and ran it through my hair. I blushed even more. Tobi put his arms around me and pulled me into a hug. 'He is so warm.' Unconsciously, I rubbed my head against his chest as if I was a comfortable cat snuggling against its owner. I could not help but smile as he hugged me even tighter. His body heat was in extreme contrast with the weather around us. 'Why am I doing this?' I felt his arm move underneath me. His hand was moving up towards his face. Tobi's hand grabbed the bottom of his mask. He lifted it up to show part of his face. I did not look up; I was worried that he did not want me to see his face. "You can look."
I looked up slowly as I saw his face. Tobi revealed one of his eyes and it was a Sharingan; it was glowing in the darkness of the woods. "T-Tobi, you are an Uchiha..."
"Yes, but you can not tell anyone." "I promise to never tell." I lifted up my hand extending my pinky towards him as I gave him a childish smile. Tobi leaned down and whispered into my ear. "Pinky swear." Heat overwhelmed my cheeks. He leaned forward and paced his lips upon my lips. I suddenly felt his pinky hook onto mine. I did not understand this new feeling. My heart was beating fast as my face started turning as red as a cherry. 'Am I... In love?' I slowly wrapped my arms around his chest. I hugged him tightly as if I never wanted to let him go.
I suddenly woke up in my bed again. 'It was just a dream?' My heart started to fall to my shoes. I heard a knock on my door, so I got out of my bed. I opened it up to see
Tobi in his usual childish state. A blush crept across my face. "Oh, hi Tobi." "Good morning! How did you sleep?"
"I had a strange dream, but I slept just fine last night." "That is good. Come on, Leader-sama has a mission for us." "Okay."
We left the room. An awkward silence began to build between us. I was brought back to reality as Tobi hooked his pinky tightly to mine. "Do not forget the promise."
This is a story for those people who like Tobi. More stories for the other members coming very soon. Enjoy.
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When the reader woke up, I was like "OH SHIT NO, MY DREAMS" and I nearly flipped out in public. XD
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Tobi is definitely a good  boy, it was so sweet! :)
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