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February 6, 2012
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It was Valentines Day and Hinata was sitting under a Cherry Blossom tree. She was drawing a picture of Naruto and her holding hands. Hinata finished drawing Naruto and was about to draw herself when suddenly a person upside down appeared in front of her face.
"Hi Hinata-chan!"
Naruto gave a goofy grin as Hinata's face turned bright red.
"N-Naruto-kun, w-what are you doing here?"
"I was practicing my jutsus."
An awkward silence surrounded them.
"S-sorry Naruto-kun, I-I have to leave."
Hinata jumped up and ran off.
'I wonder why she was in a hurry, wait, what is this?'
Naruto landed onto his feet to see a piece of paper with a drawing of him on it.

Hinata stared at her feet in sadness as she was walking back to the Hyuuga residence. Without noticing she bumped into someone and fell back. She was yanked back up before she could hit the ground.
"Thank you, uh, N-Naruto-kun!"
Hinata was shocked to see Naruto.
"Um, hi Hinata-chan…"
Naruto stared down to the dirt beneath their feet.
"I-I better s-start leaving-"
Hinata tried walking off but was halted by Naruto gently grabbing her hand.
He turned her around as he looked deeply into her pale eyes. Hinata looked at his eyes as they sparkled their bright blue. It felt like a few hours that they stood there staring at each other. Naruto pulled Hinata closer to himself. Hinata's face turned blood red as he placed his hand gently on her cheek. His hands felt warm as it caressed her face. Hinata's heart pounded fast as her vision started to blur.
"Hinata, are you okay?"
She felt her entire body go limp and her eyes went closed. Naruto jumped forward and caught Hinata.

-Few Hours Later-

'W-what happened?'
Hinata opened her eyes to see the night sky. She felt the hard wood of a bench beneath her back but her head was laying on something soft. Hinata sat up and noticed that Naruto's jacket was on top of her.
"You're awake."
Hinata looked beside herself to see Naruto with his usual goofy grin.
"H-how long w-was I out?"
"For quite a while, but I am glad that you are okay."
"T-thank you for w-watching over me N-Naruto-kun."
"No problem."
She looked at him as he stared off at the night sky. Hinata hesitantly leaned over and was about to kiss Naruto on his cheek when he accidentally turned his head. Their lips touched. Hinata jumped back as her face turned red.
"I-I am so sorry N-Naruto-kun, I d-did not mean to do t-that-"
"I-It's okay, um, by the way you dropped this when you ran off back at the training grounds."
He reached into his pocket to reveal the drawing Hinata was working on.
'He must think I a-am a freak…'
Naruto handed her the picture.
"Hinata, I think you should look at it."
She unfolded the paper as her face turned even redder.
"N-Naruto-kun, d-did you do this?"
He walked towards Hinata and wrapped his arms around her. Hinata slowly hugged him back. They held each other tightly together not ever wanting to let go. Naruto looked down to Hinata and placed his hand beneath her chin. He tilted it towards himself.
"Will you be my Valentine Hinata-chan?"
"O-Of course, N-Naruto-kun."
Naruto leaned down and kissed Hinata. She kept herself from passing out this time.

In the picture that she held tightly in her hand, Naruto had finished the drawing with her and Naruto holding hands, and looking deeply in love.
I hope everyone has a happy Valentines Day! XD
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