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The final bell rang as the students hurried out of the school, anxious to get home. Most of the students filed onto the buses that had been awaiting outside, but I decided to walk home as usual since I did not live too far away.
I was rather anxious to get home myself, hoping to avoid any more incidents with Michael, and hoping to see Maggie waiting at the window. She was always able to calm me down after a hard day. The thought of seeing the neatly kept Magpie made me smile. The smile soon fell from my face as the horrible feeling in my gut returned with a renewed strength.
Something told me to check if anyone was behind me. I did so, taking a quick glance back, only to feel a wave of fear wash over my body. Michael and his Goons were walking in same direction I was heading. I tried to calm myself with logic, telling myself that he was simply walking home and the twins were just going over to his house to hang out. Even as I thought this, the sick feeling intensified, telling me over and over that I was wrong.
At this I started to walk faster. Fear struck through me once more as I heard their footsteps grow faster as well. Seeing Michael's house, I silently hoped that he would stop and turn into his driveway.
'Maybe he's trying to scare me?' I thought to myself, biting my bottom lip with worry.
I passed his house and my home came into view, a wave of relief crashing over me at the thought of getting somewhere secure. That feeling instantly vanished as I heard the three right behind me. They did not stop at his home. They were following me.
In that moment I took off in a sprint, heading for my backyard. I always left the sliding doors unlocked, mostly since I lost the key to it, but I knew that I could get inside without struggling with a lock. I ran around the corner and into the backyard, my feet seeming to vanish beneath the thick layer of snow below.
Just as I reached out for the handle of the door, I was yanked back by the hood of my jacket and tossed to the ground. I quickly sat up and glared up at the one who had thrown me. Michael stood before me with a sinister smirk.
"Hey there Jessica. Sorry to drop in on such short notice, but I simply wanted to talk to you about today's events."
The two Goons stood to my left and right with matching smiles.
"T-There's nothing to talk about." I cursed at myself for stuttering. I quickly stood to my feet, trying to dust of the caked on snow.
"Oh, but there is." His smile intensified as he approached me. "You see, you got us in trouble with the teacher and now he will be calling our parents. That wasn't very nice."
"We just want to return the favor." Joseph chimed in.
Suddenly Jared swung his fist as it collided with my cheek, causing me to stumble to the left. I tried to retaliate by swinging back, only for Michael to cut in with a blow to the gut, knocking the air out of my lungs. I gasped for breath trying to stay on my feet as my knees wobbled with the impact. A quick dodge from a blow helped for a second before I was knocked to the ground by a rough kick to the ribs.
The three gathered around, hitting me with multiple kicks and punches. I tried with great difficulty to dodge as many blows as I could, but it was three against one and they easily overpowered me. Tears stung my eyes as the overwhelming pain continued without rest. That was when I heard Joseph scream out,
Joseph suddenly broke from the group as he swung his arms wildly in the air at something. Jared and Michael stopped as well, giving me time to open my eyes long enough to see what was going on. My eyes widened in shock at what I saw. Joseph swung his arms frantically as a familiar Magpie flew about, pecking at the teen and clawing at his arms with her feet. Bright red scratches welled up on his face, hands, and arms.
"I'm coming bro!" Jared shouted as he ran over to assist his brother, but he simply ended up getting attacked as well.
Michael rolled his eyes with a sigh as he reached over to his school bag. I watched in fear as he pulled out a baseball bat.
"NO!!!" I screamed helplessly as he, in one effortless swing of his steel bat, swatted the Magpie to the snowy ground, her body skidding to the edge of the woods.
Michael smiled, seeming pleased with himself before swinging the bat over his shoulder.
"Put that bird out of its misery, Joseph." He ordered.
"With pleasure." The Goon smiled as he started to walk towards the motionless bird.
I do not quite understand what happened next. One second I was lying on the ground, my body aching and horror surging through me as the twin approached Maggie. Just as he rose his foot up to stomp down harshly on the bird, a strange strength burned inside of me and next thing I knew I had scurried over with incredible speed and jumped in front of her, the kick being delivered into my gut. The kick winded me, but I knew I had to do something to distract him. Without a second thought I grabbed his leg and bit him as hard as I could. It may sound weird, but it was the only thing I could do at the time.
Joseph yelped in pain before falling back on his rear. I knew I did not have much time, so I turned around and scooped the magpie into my arms. I pushed through the pain as I hurried towards the woods, my breaths coming in painful gasps. I made it just past a line of trees before I felt a powerful tug on my hood. In that instant I tossed the Magpie into the air, hoping against hope that she could fly off. Relief washed over me as she fluttered her wings mid fall as she flew into the air.
She looked as if she was going to come back so I called out into the woods.
"Fly Away Maggie! Please!" I shouted urgently.
I could not bare losing her. Some would say that she was just a bird, but to me, she was my only family and I was not about to lose another.
I only had time to see Maggie fly deeper into the woods before I was suddenly jerked back and pulled into the snow. Joseph and Jared quickly ran over and pinned my arms down as Michael sat on my stomach. The teen smirked at me as he reached into his pocket. The twins eyes widened simultaneously as they watched Michael pull out a pocket knife.
"Whoa, dude, you never said anything about a knife!" Jared spoke in a hushed tone.
"Don't be such a baby!" Michael growled. "It's not like I'm going to kill her! Look, if the two of you are going to be cowards then you can simply look away. You don't have to watch."
The twins glanced at each other worriedly before nodding in submission. It was strange, but I could see that their choosing to simply look away was out of pure fear of Michael. They were not doing any of this because they were his friends. They were doing this because they feared him.
"Good." The taller teen smirked. "Now, Joseph, cover her mouth. I don't want to draw any unwanted attention."
The twin did as he was told, rather timidly I noted. The duo then quickly turned their heads away as Michael brought his blade closer to my already bruised face. As soon as he saw the two looking away a sinister smile formed across his face before he lowered the blade. My eyes widened as I felt the cold blade touch the bare skin of my neck.
I attempted to free myself from their grasps, but it was quickly proven futile for my body barely contained any energy. Just then, I felt a terrible pain surge through me as Michael made his first incision. He had only cut past the skin as he made a circular motion over my neck. He did not hesitate as he made his second incision, carving two lines into my skin. My body writhed and shook with pain as he dragged his blade over the fresh incisions several times.
All the while, he continued to smile, his eyes glowing with a malicious light that he had hid all too well, and most likely, for far too long.
I could feel the laughter bubbling in my chest once more. Why? Why did I feel the need to laugh? Why could I not just scream in fear like others would? I was never able to find the answers, and I am not able to, even now.
I was unable to control the bubbling feeling as my chest began to shake with suppressed laughter. His murderous glare only intensified as he saw this, which made me laugh even more. I could see his hands shake with a burning rage. He opened his mouth to say something, but he was quickly interrupted by the twins.
"Are you done yet?" Joseph spoke up, a hint of worry in his voice.
"Yeah," Jared interjected. "can't we just go home?"
"Oh, stop complaining you little wimps!" Michael snapped. "I'm almost done anyways."
Joseph sighed.
"Fine, just hurry it up."
"Don't worry. I only have one more thing to do."
With that said, the taller male smiled down at me as he placed the cold blade to the center of the open incisions. Tears now streamed down my face as my smothered laughter intensified. Michael leaned down as he whispered into my ear.
"I can't forget the final touch."
My eyes widened in fear at his words. Suddenly, I felt the knife being jabbed into my neck with a great amount of force. Pain and fear overwhelmed my senses. My body started to shake, not with fear, but with laughter. I could not stop. The laughter was much more intense than it had ever been in my whole life. Michael growled as he jabbed the knife deeper into my neck.
It was then that my laughter started to sound garbled, as if I was laughing with a throat full of water. My eyelids felt like led and my throat hurt terribly. I could no longer move my arms, much less the rest of my body and I found it difficult to breathe. It felt as if there was water in my lungs, but it was much thicker. My mouth tasted of copper as my laughter slowly faded along with my surroundings. For some reason I started to feel sleepy.
I swore that I could hear some sort of argument, but I could care less at the moment. I simply felt like sleeping.
And...I did.
My attention was suddenly drawn to the sound of fluttering wings pulling me out of my frantic state. I was unable to stifle a giggle as I looked back to see Maggie flying to catch up with me.
"Hey Maggie! I guess you have somewhere to be as well?"
The bird responded with a simple caw and a flutter of her wings. This brought a smile to my face as I continued towards my destination.
After a while I finally made it to my school and I waved goodbye to the Magpie as she flew off to her unknown destination. The smile I had previously been wearing fell off my face as I looked at the towering school, its shadow resting right before my feet. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy learning new things, but being around large groups of people made me feel uncomfortable.
The thought of being unnoticed calmed me and with a deep breath, I walked into the bustling halls of the stuffy school. As I expected, I could barely hear myself think. The halls were filled with the usual gossiping and chatter that I tried my best to ignore. Luckily I was able to weave through the crowds with ease and to my class, not a single person taking notice of my presence. I had not arrived too late so I sat in a nearby desk and began to read one of my favorite books, pretending I had been there the entire time.
It was rather difficult to focus as the chatting only intensified as more students filed into the once quiet classroom.
"Hey there Jessica." An all too familiar voice spoke out from the crowd. "Nice to see you again."
I growled inwardly as I buried my face deeper into my book, trying to avoid the individual that now stood before me. Sadly it did not work as said person reached forward and snatched the book from my grasp. I glared at the individual as he read the title to himself. His name was Michael Barrett. He was my next door neighbor and self-appointed tormentor. His father was the Sheriff and so he always believed that he could get away with anything, which was, sadly, a bit true.
"What's this?" He asked as he held my murder mystery novel up as if it was covered in slime and filth. "Trying to get some inspiration?"
When I did not respond he simply tossed the book over to one of his goons. His goons were a pair of twin brothers who did everything that he told them to do, as if they were mindless puppets. The first twin, who was about three minutes older than the other, was named Joseph Minnows, and his little-brothers name was Jared Minnows.
Remember how I said that I usually went unnoticed at school? I may not have been completely honest with you, for you see, I did go  unnoticed to the vast majority of the students like I had mentioned previously. However, this was not the case with the Troublesome Three. They could not resist the chance to pester me because of how isolated I was from the everyone else. This fact made it easier for them to torment me since I did not have any friends to defend me.
"So," Michael spoke up with a teasing smirk. "how's your boyfriend Slenderman doing?"
At this I sighed exasperatedly.
"For the millionth time, I never said that Slenderman was my boyfriend. He is a fictional character on a website called Creepypasta."
"Oh, don't say such things! You might hurt his feelings!" His smirk widened even more. "Then you would be completely alone."
The goons snickered at his insult.
"Oh no!" I spoke dramatically as I placed a hand over my heart. "You have wounded me with such an insult! How can I ever go on?" My words dripped with sarcasm as I smirked mischievously.
The twins covered their mouths, trying their best, and failing, to suppress their laughter as Michael glared at me. He despised it when I defended myself, mostly if I made his Goons laugh, which happened quite often.
"Watch it!" He snarled. "I'm not afraid to hit a girl."
"Well neither am I, but I don't want to hurt that pretty little face of yours."
I only had time to blink before I was suddenly yanked out of my desk by the collar of my jacket. I flinched as the sound of the desk flipping over echoed through the room. Everyone fell silent. Michael glared into my eyes, hatred and rage making them glow. Fear rose up in my chest, but as quick as it came it left, being replaced with a strange bubbling feeling in my chest. The bubbling rose to my throat and I soon found myself...laughing?
I still do not understand why I laughed. It may have been a laugh of hysteria or something like it, but at that moment, his glare and threat of harm seemed to be the funniest thing in the world. It had always been a problem ever since I was a child. Anytime I was ever threatened, or was about to get hit, I would start laughing. Not wanting to worry my parents, I kept it hidden from them so I never got a chance to talk to a counselor about it. All I know is that when I finally stop laughing, I feel as if I have been broken from a trance.
I could feel the sting of tears pricking at the corner of my eyes as the laughter intensified.
Michael scowled at my reaction as he drew back a fist.
"Stop laughing!"
"Micheal Barrett!!"
Michael froze and the laughter quickly died in my throat as the commanding voice of Mr. Stiles, our history teacher, rang out through the room.
"What in the world do you think you are doing?!" Mr. Stiles walked towards us as he set the fallen desk back on its legs. "Put Jessica down this instant!"
Michael did as he was told and he set me back down, untangling his fist from the collar of my jacket. I instantly rose a hand to smooth out the wrinkled fabric.
'W-What just happened?' I thought to myself, trying to understand the current events. 'What was that look in his eyes...He looked as if he wanted to-'
"Explain yourself Michael!" Mr. Stiles interrupted my thoughts with his booming voice.
Michael at first looked lost and confused before casting a quick look to his Goons. He subtly nodded, as if in confirmation, before looking back at the teacher with a fained look of innocence.
"W-Well, you see, Mr. Stiles, I was simply greeting Jessica as I tried to sit down in the desk in-front of her. But, as soon as did, she threatened me, saying that she would get her boyfriend Slenderman to come after me. I tried to tell her that Slenderman was just a fictional character, but she got angry and told me not to say such things. She said it would hurt his feelings."
"Yeah!" Joseph cheered in.
"It was creepy." Jared quickly added.
I opened my mouth to defend myself, but was instantly silenced by the creeped out glares of the students. I knew that, since they saw me laughing meniacly, they would not listen to a single word I had to say. Just as Michael tried to continue his story, Mr. Stiles rose a hand, signaling him to be silent.
"I am not going to just stand here and listen to such hogwash."
"But, it's true!" He lied.
"Look, whether the story is true or not, there is no reason for you to attack another student. Now," He spoke strictly as he straightened his glasses. "I will have to inform your parents of this. That includes you two as well." He finished, motioning at the twins before heading towards his desk.
The Goons were about to talk back, but Michael quickly silenced them with a single wave of his hand.
"You're right." The teens spoke with a frown. He then turned to face me. "I'm sorry Jessica for threatening you. We were in the wrong. I do hope you can forgive us."
He sounded genuinely apologetic to the others, but I could not help noticing the strange look of...blood lust? My gut twisted nauseatingly at his words.
"I-It's okay." I stuttered, trying to avoid his eyes.
With a smile, Michael and his Goons returned to their seats. I did so as well as class started. Mr. Stiles had been discussing the Revolutionary War, but I could barely focus. That nauseating feeling would not leave my gut and the previous events kept repeating themselves through my mind. The rest of the school day went on without any more incidents, which helped me relax, even if just a little bit.
Hello there. My name is Jessica Magby, or, at least that is what I used to be called. Don't worry, I will explain that later on. I am a simple stocky 18 year old teen with short, messily cut, dirt brown hair and grass green eyes. I usually wear a simple pair of baggy black pants and a black and grey striped hooded mid sleeved shirt and I actively avoid makeup. I will inform you now that I am not a goth or emo (no offense to anyone) I just prefer to wear a lot of black. It is such a calming color...or, absence of color for that matter.
Anyway, there's nothing really interesting about me. I'm not a popular student, nor am I a constantly bullied individual. I simply blend into the background at school, similar to that of a shadow. I do not get saddened by that. In fact I am fairly used to it by now. I do not have any siblings, or, really even a family. My father had been sent to prison when I was just a small child. Please do not ask for any details as to what he did. I will only say that he did some things that you should never do to your wife, much less your own child.
Everything seemed to get better after that. My mother smiled more and we would laugh together at the strangest things. And as I got older, when I started having some terrible nightmares and experiencing different kinds of anxieties, she would comfort me. She never got mad at me for being so afraid. Of course we had our disagreements every once in a while, but what family doesn't? In my own opinion, my mother was an angel on earth. day, it all changed. We had just finished gathering groceries for the house. I was sitting in the back seat, making sure that none of the groceries fell over as she drove. The rode home was littered with pot holes that seemed determined to shatter every single egg we had purchased and so I was appointed to guard duty. My mother was telling me a few stories about hilarious encounters she had at her job when, suddenly, our car was hit.
All I remember is hearing the screeching of tires, a loud crash, and then...nothing. Once I was able to finally wake up, the first thing I noticed was that my head hurt terribly. I must have hit my head on something. My suspicions were quickly confirmed as I felt blood dripping down my forehead and into my right eye. It stung painfully but I instantly forgot about it as I thought of my mother.
I called out to her as I spotted her slumped over form in the driver seat. She didn't respond. She didn't even seem to be breathing. I tried to get to her, but my seat-belt was jammed and had secured me in my seat. The very thing that had saved my life was now stopping me from possibly saving my mother. I continued to call her name until my voice was hoarse but, no matter how loudly I called her name...
Sorry about that...I should probably get on with the story. I will apologize in advance for this tale may take some time to tell. I do hope that you will stick around until the end.
Now, shall I begin?

It was another snowy day in the sleepy small town, the sun trying its best to push some of its warm rays through the thick clouds that hung just above the treetops. I sighed happily as I watched little flurries flutter down to the untouched snow below. I was sitting at a window I had opened previously, making way for my usual visitor in the early morning. The sound of fluttering caught my attention, which brought a smile to my face.
"Hey there." I greeted. "How's your day going so far?"
I was met with silence.
"Nothing much, huh."
This time I was met with a single pecking sound.
"Oh, me? Same as usual I guess, but I did find some new Creepypastas last night."
I shivered at the remembrance of the scary tales.
"They were really creepy."
I blushed brightly at the angry call.
"I-I know it's not good for my sleep!" I defended. "But...they are just so intriguing."
Yes, I was an adamant fan of the website Creepypasta. No, I was not one of those people who wanted to become one. I simply enjoyed the creepy stories that could make your skin crawl and make you have to check over your shoulder, just to ensure nothing had snuck up on you while you were reading. I always thought of the Creepypastas as a representation of the person or monster one may be hiding within themselves, the one you keep hidden away under lock and key.
Of course, this was not good for my sleep. I had already been prescribed as having anxiety and slight paranoia from my previous counselors, but I just could not stop myself from reading the Creepypastas. They seemed to bring me a sense of...comfort. I know that doesn't make any sense but that was just how I was.
There came another sound of pecking as I sighed in defeat.
"Fine. I will no longer read so many night." I quickly added, only for my guest to give off an indignified croaking caw.
I could not stop myself from laughing at her reaction.
"You know," I spoke as I lay my head on my folded arms that rested atop the slushy windowsill. "sometimes I think you are the only one who can see me."
The yellow-billed magpie gave off a little chirp as she pecked at the bright red berries I had left her. She was a very well-kept bird that I affectionately called Maggie. Her feathers were always neat and orderly, all apart from a double scar that remained over her right eye. I had suspected that it may have come from a disagreement with another bird. I can still remember the day I met her.
It had been a few weeks since the accident and I was walking home from school. I had decided to take a shortcut through the park, not really anticipating going home, and along the way I had found an injured bird lying on the ground. I couldn't just leave her lying there so I took her home, carrying her carefully in my scarf. When I got home I found a spare cardboard box and made a simple and comfy little bed for her. I had even left the bedroom window open so that she could feel the breeze from outside.
She of course did not go along with all of this willingly. The magpie would peck and scratch at me any time I had to pick her up. Mostly when I had to bandage up her wing. Afterwards I would have to bandage up my own hands for she had an incredibly sharp beak.
It took a while, but after some time, she stopped attacking me. I had even started to carry short conversations with the bird. She seemed to fill the void of loneliness with her presence and I started to feel happy again. Then, one day after school, I came home to find her gone, her bandages being the only thing left of her. I concluded that she must have flown off through the open window. That must have meant that her wing was better. The thought made me happy, and yet, a little sad at the same time. The house was once again empty.
After a particularly draining school day, I returned home and plopped tiredly on my bed, not even having the energy to make dinner for myself despite my growling stomach. The house felt completely lifeless, a blanket of depression trying to consume me and force me to break down into a miserable ball of loneliness. Just then, a pecking caught my attention. It had come from my windowsill. Growing curious, I found a bit of strength to sit up and investigate.
My eyes widened in shock as the blanket of depression quickly vanished. I carefully walked over to the window and gingerly opened it, not wanting to scare away the magpie.
"Maggie?" I voiced barely above a whisper, wondering if the magpie on the windowsill was the same bird.
The magpie fluttered its wings in response before turning her head to reveal the double scar over her right eye.
A strange clacking sound pulled me from my revery, making me look down at Maggie who was pecking repeatedly at my wristwatch. As I looked at the well-worn, white, wristwatch, a feeling of alarm shot through me.
"Oh no!" I practically shrieked as I jumped back from the windowsill, causing Maggie to flutter her wings in alarm. "I'm going to be late for school!"
I began to run around my room frantically as the Magby seemed to watch with a look of amusement.
I quickly grabbed my bright red backpack, shoved my school books inside the slightly tattered bag and slung it over my shoulder. With one quick look in a mirror to do a simple once over and a quick brushing of my hair I ran down the stairs and out of the house, being careful to remember to lock the door. With that I started to race off to my school, hoping that I make it in time.
Mimic and the Magpie
This is my creepypasta OC. There will be several more chapters to ensue. I'm sorry about that. There was just so much to her story. By the way, there will be heavy subjects described in this story, so I apologize if I make anyone sad.
I do not own Creepypastas nor any that may be mentioned in the following stories.
Enjoy ^_^


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