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Mimic and the Magpie: Chapter 3
The final bell rang as the students hurried out of the school, anxious to get home. Most of the students filed onto the buses that had been awaiting outside, but I decided to walk home as usual since I did not live too far away.
I was rather anxious to get home myself, hoping to avoid any more incidents with Michael, and hoping to see Maggie waiting at the window. She was always able to calm me down after a hard day. The thought of seeing the neatly kept Magpie made me smile. The smile soon fell from my face as the horrible feeling in my gut returned with a renewed strength.
Something told me to check if anyone was behind me. I did so, taking a quick glance back, only to feel a wave of fear wash over my body. Michael and his Goons were walking in same direction I was heading. I tried to calm myself with logic, telling myself that he was simply walking home and the twins were just going over to his house to hang out. Even as I thought this, the sick feeling intensified, telling me over
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Mimic and the Magpie: Chapter 2
My attention was suddenly drawn to the sound of fluttering wings pulling me out of my frantic state. I was unable to stifle a giggle as I looked back to see Maggie flying to catch up with me.
"Hey Maggie! I guess you have somewhere to be as well?"
The bird responded with a simple caw and a flutter of her wings. This brought a smile to my face as I continued towards my destination.
After a while I finally made it to my school and I waved goodbye to the Magpie as she flew off to her unknown destination. The smile I had previously been wearing fell off my face as I looked at the towering school, its shadow resting right before my feet. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy learning new things, but being around large groups of people made me feel uncomfortable.
The thought of being unnoticed calmed me and with a deep breath, I walked into the bustling halls of the stuffy school. As I expected, I could barely hear myself think. The halls were filled with the usual gossiping and chatter that I tried
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Mimic and the Magpie
Hello there. My name is Jessica Magby, or, at least that is what I used to be called. Don't worry, I will explain that later on. I am a simple stocky 18 year old teen with short, messily cut, dirt brown hair and grass green eyes. I usually wear a simple pair of baggy black pants and a black and grey striped hooded mid sleeved shirt and I actively avoid makeup. I will inform you now that I am not a goth or emo (no offense to anyone) I just prefer to wear a lot of black. It is such a calming color...or, absence of color for that matter.
Anyway, there's nothing really interesting about me. I'm not a popular student, nor am I a constantly bullied individual. I simply blend into the background at school, similar to that of a shadow. I do not get saddened by that. In fact I am fairly used to it by now. I do not have any siblings, or, really even a family. My father had been sent to prison when I was just a small child. Please do not ask for any details as to what he did. I will only say that
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Story Idea (Sorry No Title Yet)
She tightened her grip around the hilt of the blade held within her lightly tanned hand. The long sword shone a menacingly crimson red in the pale moonlight. The very weapon many of her comrades looked down at her for and the blade that will take the life of her assigned target. She silently slid down the darkly tiled rooftop until she made it to the very edge. A quick look through a window ensured no one to be up and about. In one swift motion she swung down and entered the building through a window left ajar.
Her pale white eyes scanned the surroundings, looking for any sign of the tyrant. The hallways were empty except for a few strange paintings lining the lavender walls. Her golden helmet shimmered faintly as she advanced down the hallway in stealth. She pulled up her black face mask before peering into an empty room, its doors wide open. The walls were a dark a maroon and there was a large bed set against the back wall with black drapes surrounding the white wooden frame. A large
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I did not make this, I just completely love what it says ^_^
-----------------------Are like apples--------------------
-------------------on trees, the best ones------------
-----------------are at the top of the tree.--------------
---------------The boys don't want to reach-----------
--------------for the good ones because they-------
------------are afraid of falling and getting hurt. -------
-------------Instead, they get the rotten apples------
------------From the ground that aren't as good,-----
------------but easy. So the apples up top think----
------------something wrong with them when in------
-------------reality they're amazing. They just--------
---------------Have to wait for the right boy to---------
---------------- Come along, the one who's-----------
----------------------- Brave enough to-------------------
---------------------------Climb all--------------------------
---------------------------The way---------------------------
--------------------------To the top--------------------------
-------------------------Of the tree.♥------------------------


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